A serene beach scene on Koufinisi island featuring a catamaran yacht anchored in a clear blue bay with a sandy beach in the foreground. The background displays hilly landscapes under a bright, cloudless sky, and several people are swimming in the calm sea.

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Island Hopping in Greece is a website dedicated to helping you plan the perfect Greek island-hopping adventure and get the most out of your trip.

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I’m Sylvie, a Greece travel expert!

I first discovered my love for Greece during family holidays in Zakynthos while growing up.

After exploring Athens and some of the islands solo at 18 on a backpacking trip, I discovered the joys of island hopping, a passion that has since led me to aim to spend at least a month every summer exploring the many Greek islands with family.

Now, I share my best travel tips, in-depth guides, and answers to your most pressing questions.

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The author and founder of the island hopping in Greece blog with her 1 year old daughter by the Mykonos windmills.

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 The quaint and colourful hillside town of Argostoli overlooking a harbour filled with sailboats and yachts against a clear blue sky. The scene captures the charming architecture typical of Mediterranean coastal towns, with densely packed white and pastel-coloured buildings climbing up the hillside.
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towering rock formations rise dramatically from the azure waters of a calm sea, with sharp cliffs showcasing a range of earth tones against a bright blue sky. This natural landmark, highlighted by the clarity of the water and the ruggedness of the rocks, evokes a sense of adventure and natural beauty, typical of scenic coastal regions.
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A majestic Blue Star ferry moving through the sea with a coastal landscape visible in the background.
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 a panoramic view of a bustling port town with colourful buildings densely packed along the waterfront, reflecting in the tranquil waters of the harbour.
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Whitewashed buildings cascading down a steep cliff overlooking a deep blue sea, emblematic of the stunning architecture and dramatic landscapes of Santorini.
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A charming seafront promenade lined with white and blue buildings, vibrant chairs, and inviting cafes under a clear sky, capturing the quintessential Greek island aesthetic.
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