10 Day Greece Itinerary | Athens, Naxos, Ios and Santorini

Are you looking for the perfect 10 day Greece Itinerary for the Cyclades islands and Athens? Look no further.

This 10 day Greek island itinerary will take you from the bustling capital city, Athens to the Cyclades islands where you’ll visit Naxos, Ios and Santorini before flying home from Santorini. We’ll give you a 2 day Athens itinerary, a 3 day Naxos itinerary, 2 day Ios itinerary and a 3 day Santorini itinerary.

You’ll get to see world-famous islands and lesser-known islands all within 10 days. I did this 10day itinerary with my daughter during the summer of 2020 before carrying on to Crete so it works perfectly as a 10 day Greece itinerary for the family but I’ve also made a few adaptions so it can suit as a 10 day Greece itinerary for couples or other traveller types.

If you have less than 10 days in Greece, you can take off your least favourite days to make a 9 day Greece itinerary. 7 day Greece itinerary or even 5 days in Greece itinerary. You can also spend an extra 3 days in Crete (like us) to create a 14 day Greece itinerary.

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Day 1: Fly to Athens – Explore Athens (2 nights)

Welcome to Athens! If you can, try to book a flight that arrives in Athens in the early morning. This way, you can maximise your time sightseeing in Athens. Once you’re settled into your accommodation, it’s time to set off exploring Athens.

I recommend that you do this on the city sightseeing hop-on hop-off bus 24-hour ticket. The ticket will be valid for your entire stay in Athens. On day 1, focus on the main sights getting on and off as you please.

Day 2: Athens

Today, you have 3 itinerary choices:

The Ancient Acropolis | The acropolis is the most famous sight in Greece and a must-do for any visitor to Athens. I recommend that you spend the morning climbing the acropolis. You’ll not only find out about the ancient city of Athens but you’ll have panoramic views across the whole city. To avoid the long lines that I experienced, why not book your ticket in advance. When you arrive you can skip the line! Click here to see prices and book an Acropolis entry ticket in advance or here to book An entry ticket with an audio guide on your phone.

acropolis, parthenon, athens, athens itinerary

Mount Lycabettus | If you’re travelling to Athens with kids or you don’t fancy the Acropolis walk, Mount Lycabettus is the perfect alternative option. The mount is the highest point in Athens with the best views of the city. I also recommend this option if you prefer views than history. I first visited Athens as a backpacker and visited the acropolis and came back 2 years later with my daughter and chose this option. You can either take a cable car to the top or climb up to the top. View our guide to Mount Lycabettus with kids here.

Mount Lycabettus, Athens, hill
View from Mount Lycabettus, Athens itinerary Athens with kids, 10 days in Greece

The Athens Riviera | If you prefer beaches to cities or you saw all of the main sights in Athens yesterday. The best beach for your day trip is Edem beach. It’s not only the nearest beach to Athens city centre but also has the most facilities and even the chance to hire a sunbed if you choose.

Where to stay in Athens

There are so many amazing places to stay in Athens. I recommend staying on the Athens Riviera where you can be close to the beach and catch the tram into Athens centre or stay near the Acropolis and Plaka areas. Here are some of our top recommendations from trips to Athens.

Athenian Blue Apartment (Airbnb)

We chose to book the Athenian Blue Apartment – An Airbnb within minutes walk to Sygro-Fix metro station, the Acropolis and the Plaka district. The Airbnb has a large, fully furnished kitchenette, a large living area and 3 bedrooms (2 with small balconies). If you have kids, the apartment has a cot, highchair and plenty of toys. View the latest prices and availability for your dates here.

Athens Residence Apartments

On our second visit to Athens (with a toddler), we chose to stay in Athens Residence Apartments, located at the base of Filopappou Hill, just a short walk to the Acropolis and Sygrou Fix Metro Station. The apartment set up with two bedrooms worked very well, and there’s a lovely (adult) balcony and a fully equipped kitchen. View the latest prices and availability for your dates here.

Day 3: Ferry to Naxos (Naxos 3 nights)

Today you’ll be heading for the islands! Naxos is my favourite island in Greece with a picturesque main town, small beautiful villages and plenty of white-sand beaches.

I recommend catching the early boat, which normally leaves around 7:30AM from Athens to Naxos with a stop in Paros. Blue Star is by far the best ferry company to choose. Although the ferry is in the day and only about 5 hours, I highly recommend booking a room. It was a lifesaver when travelling with my one-year-old, and the journey will go much faster.

Where to stay? Ioanna Apartments

The Ioanna Apartments are just a 10-minute drive away from Naxos port in the beautiful resort of Agios Prokopios. Ioanna Apartments ticked all our boxes, including having an enclosed balcony, cot provided, within walking distance of the beach, an outdoor pool and a kids pool. We were VERY impressed, and the apartments have a fantastic value for money.

If you’re a solo traveller, a group or a couple, these apartments are also perfect. When we were there, there was a mix of traveller types. View the latest prices and availability for your dates here. For a complete guide of where to stay in Agios Prokopios and everywhere else in Naxos, view our post on Where to stay in Naxos for families.

Ioanna Apartments Naxos, Agios Prokopios

Day 4: Naxos

Today is your chance to explore the resort of Agios Prokopios and the nearby areas. Agios Prokopios is the best resort in Naxos and also features one of the best beaches in the whole of Greece!

There’s a bus link which goes from Plaka beach (a lovely long wilderness beach) to Agia Anna via Agios Prokopios and onto Naxos town.

Plaka Beach

If you have time, take a short walk over to the neighbouring resort of Agia Anna which has another long, sandy beach, plenty of bars and restaurants and a range of souvenir shops. Simply walk left when facing the sea.

Agia Anna Beach, Naxos, 10 days in Greece
The resort of Agia Anna

Agios Prokopios village has everything you need for the perfect break from some of the best tavernas in Naxos to a Spar supermarket (it has amazing fruit choices!) and cheap takeaways.

Agios Prokopios Beach, Naxos, Greece itinerary
Agios Prokopios Beach

You may also want to spend the day simply relaxing on Agios Prokopios beach

Where to stay? Ioanna Apartments

Day 5: Explore Naxos

Today it’s time to explore a little more of Naxos island. There are two choices today, you can either do a self-guided tour of Naxos and see Naxos Chora (the main town) and Plaka beach OR take a guided bus tour of Naxos. You could also attempt to follow the bus tour sites yourself by hiring a car.

Option 1: Self Guided tour of Naxos Chora and Plaka

Naxos Chora is the largest and main town on Naxos island, with a mixture of fantastic beaches, ancient sites and modern development. Buses run to Naxos Chora from Agios Prokopios every 30 minutes (every hour in low season). Alternatively, you can get a taxi for around €15-17 from the taxi rank opposite. The bus stop is located at the end of the shopping street just behind the beach.

The bus will take around 15 minutes and drop you off opposite Naxos port. Here you’ll see stunning views of the town sloping slowly upwards to Kastro Castle. You’ll also see the iconic landmark of Portara. The best thing to do in Naxos town is to see where the day takes you. Take a leisurely stroll to see Portara then climb the hill to Kastro castle. You should try and see both Naxos old town and new town.

When you’ve finished in Naxos town, hop back on the bus to Agios Prokopios but stay on the bus until you reach Plaka. In Plaka, you can walk along the stunning long beach and take in views of the neighbouring island of Paros.

Plaka beach, naxos
Image Credit: Random-Fotos

At the end of a long day, why not eat in one of the famous tavernas in Agios Prokopios. For a party vibe, head to Macao Beach for delicious cocktails and good music.

Option 2: A Guided Bus Tour of Naxos

On my first time visiting Naxos, this is the option that I chose. Naxos has so much to see from fascinating historical sites to a rugged mountainous interior and traditional inland villages. You’ll be picked up from the bus stop in Agios Prokopios before picking other guests up in Chora.

Inland Naxos, Greece countryside
The inland landscape of Naxos

First, you’ll visit the prehistoric acropolis of Naxos as well as the museum. Next, you’ll visit the picturesque inland village of Halki (one of my highlights) to taste the local citron drink before exploring Halki village. You’ll then get the chance to visit the village of Apeiranthos and explore the winding streets and pick up some souvenirs.

Prehistoric acropolis of naxos, naxos guided tour, greece itinerary, 10 days in Greece

Another highlight is visiting Apollonas village by the sea, a remote resort village with a lovely beach, fantastic tavernas and souvenir shops. After lunch, just a short drive away you’ll see Kouros Statue – a personification of God Dionysus.

Apollonas villlage Naxos

The final stop of the day is a traditional olive press museum where you’ll see the old way of turning olives into olive oil and other products. The bus will take you back to Agios Prokopios. View more details about the Naxos full-day bus tour here with Get Your Guide.

You could also do a Naxos boat tour if you’d prefer. Read about the best Naxos boat tours here.

Where to stay? Ioanna Apartments

Day 6: Naxos to Ios (Ios 2 nights)

Today you’ll be travelling from Naxos to the island of Ios. The journey only takes around 25 minutes, and the two islands are completely different from each other.

To get from Agios Prokopios to Naxos Port, simply catch the bus from the end of the shopping street just behind the beach (15 minutes every 30 minutes) or take a taxi from the taxi rank opposite (15 euro). If you didn’t explore Naxos Chora yesterday, consider booking an afternoon ferry to give you the chance to do this.

Naxos Por, Kastro castle, Naxos chora
The view of Naxos Chora and Kastro castle from the port

We decided to stay within minutes of the port next in Yialos Beach area. The other major place to stay in Ios is Ios Chora (the main town) and Myopotos (the main resort). Both are within walking distance of each other.

Spend the day today enjoying Yialos Beach. The beach is organised with plenty of sunbeds to hire. If you look around, each set has different prices starting at just 3 euro! Due to being a sheltered port, the waters are extremely calm, shallow and great for swimming. If you fancy a walk, there’s a little church on the far western side of Yialos. Walk right around the area past all the luxury yachts to visit. You’ll see panoramic views of Yialos, Ios Chora and the neighbouring island of Sikinos. For more detail on walking to the church or spending time in Yialos, view our One Day in Ios Itinerary.

Yialos beach, naxos, 10 days in Greece, 7 days in Greece
Yialos Beach, Ios
Yialos, Ios
The view of Yialos and Ios port from the church

If you’d like an evening walk, head up to Ios Chora, the capital of the island while the temperature is cool. Walk right to the top of the town via all the little lanes and souveneer shops before reaching the top for more panoramic views.

View from Chora to Yialos, Ios Chora, Ios port
The view of Yialos from Naxos Chora

Where to stay? Mare Monte Hotel

The Mare Monte hotel is one of the best value hotels in Ios. You’ll also get access to a lovely pool and be just steps away from Yialos beach (it can’t get any better!). When you arrive off the ferry, the hotel is just minutes away. We were kindly picked up by the owner on her tricycle who helped us with our luggage. View the latest prices and availability for your dates here.

Mare Monte hotel Ios, where to stay in Ios

Day 7: Ios

Today it’s time to explore Ios island. There’s a bus route run by KTEL that runs at least hourly from Ios Port – Ios Chora to Myopotos.

Board the bus and head over to the resort of Myopotos. Myopotos is one of the largest resorts in Ios with a huge beach and a laid back vibe. Myopotos is also home to the far our beach club – popular with young party-goers.

On our visit, we spent a bit of time on the beach, had a lovely swim in the sea and ate at the Karma restaurant – a lovely family-run greek/Italian restaurant on the seafront.

Myopotos beach Ios
Myopotos beach and views of Sikinos island

After visiting Myopotos, re-board the bus and get of at Ios Chora. The town is very different by dan and night with a relaxed, quiet vibe during the day. The best thing to do is to wander the winding streets and see where they take you.

After your trip to Chora, you can either take the bus back down to Ios port or walk.

Ios Chora, 10 days in Greece, Ios itinerary
A view of Ios Chora

Where to stay? Mare Monte Hotel

If you were to travel home now, this would be a perfect one week Greece itinerary

Day 8: Ios – Santorini

Today its time to travel from Ios to the world-famous island of Santorini. There’s usually a morning ferry with Seajets which is more expensive but only takes 35 minutes to reach Santorini from Ios. The other option is to take the afternoon ferry run by Zante Ferries which takes 1 hour and 20 minutes. We chose to change our ticket to the morning ferry because there was so much to fit into Santorini.

When you arrive in Santorini, there are a few options. You can either pre-book a transfer (I use Get Transfer) or catch the bus to Fira. Buses meet each ferry and are very reliable! One you’re in Fira, there are buses to all over Santorini. My chosen accommodation is just minutes walk from the bus station

Ois, Santorini, Santorini photography, Santorini itinerary
Fira, Santorini, Santorini itinerary

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Where to stay? Anessis, Fira

The Anessis apartments are the perfect place to stay in Santorini. The complex features a mixture of double and twin rooms (upstairs with a balcony), studios and larger rooms on the ground floor with an outside area. There’s a small outdoor pool furnished with sun loungers and a sunshade. The complex has stunning sunrise views down towards the beach resorts of Santorini. View the latest prices and availability for your dates here.


For the rest of today, it’s your chance to explore the local area. Fira is the main hub in Santorini, the largest town and the starting point for most transport routes. An absolute must-do in Fira is to see the caldera views in Fira old town.

Simply walk all the way uphill and you’ll reach the caldera. I recommend getting an ice-cream to keep you cool and taking in the views. Alternatively, you could grab a bite to eat or a cocktail from one of the cliffside bars.

Day 9: Santorini

Today is your chance to explore the island of Santorini. I chose to explore the island by bus. The Anessis apartments are just minutes away from Santorini bus station.

The bus from Fira to Oia takes 30 minutes and costs 1.60 euro. To view the fantastic things to do in Oia as well as how to go on to visit Kamari from Oia, view our one day in Santorini post here. It will open in a new window then you can come back to this post.

Alternatively, you can see Santorini on a guided bus tour. This guided tour of Firostefani, Imerovigli and Oia take in all the key sights. View prices and dates here.

Day 10: Santorini and fly home

Today it’s your chance to see more of Santorini. You can either spend the day one of Santorini’s fantastic beaches (head back to Kamari or try Perivelos beach) or visit somewhere new. Here are some suggestions:

Guided Winery Tour | Experience several wineries of varying ages, native to the island of Santorini. You will tour each winery, with a tasting session at each winery included. View prices and dates here.

Horse Riding Trip from Vlychada to Eros Beach | Learn to ride a horse and explore Santorini from a whole new perspective, admiring stunning views of canyons and sand dunes from atop your horse with expert guidance. View prices and dates here.

Volcano and Thirassia Islands Tour | visit two lava islands, one with a still active volcano and the other with hot springs! Then, visit Thirassia Island for typical beach activities before a yacht cruise back to the port. View prices and dates here.

Day 10 OR 11 – Flying home from Santorini

Volcano and Thirassia Islands Tour | visit two lava islands, one with a still active volcano and the other with hot springs! Then, visit Thirassia Island for typical beach activities before a yacht cruise back to the port. View prices and dates here.

You can either book your flight for this evening or a morning flight for tomorrow by booking another night in the Anessis Apartments. View flight deals here on Skyscanner

How to get to Santorini Airport

Regular buses run from Fira bus station to the airport. If you’re staying anywhere else in Santorini, you’ll have to catch a bus to Fira before catching one to the airport. Alternatively, you can book a private transfer in advance. I use Get Transfer. View transfer prices for your dates here.

Note: Travelling home on a budget?

Flights can often be expensive from Santorini even if booked with a budget airline. You may find it cheaper to get a ferry back to Athens (8 hours) or onwards to Heraklion or Chania in Crete (2 hours, 35 minutes- 4 hours).

I hope you found our 10 day Greece itinerary useful. We’d love to hear you’re thoughts in the comments below 🙂

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