Beautiful Villages and Towns in Kefalonia That You Need to Visit

The island of Kefalonia island, Greece, is in the Ionian Islands and is a great island for families to visit in Greece. If you’re looking to go to Kefalonia with kids, either as a whole holiday or while island hopping, these are some of the best villages and towns in Kefalonia to visit!

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Kefalonia Map of Best Villages and Towns

Beautiful Villages and Towns in Kefalonia

The nine Greek villages below are some of the most beautiful on all the Greek islands and a must-visit when in Greece with kids. During your holidays in Kefalonia, don’t miss out on these places!

1. Skala, Kefalonia

A sunny Kefalonia beach scene in Skala with rows of colourful umbrellas and sun loungers lining the sandy shore, filled with vacationers enjoying a clear day by the blue sea

In Kefalonia, Skala is among the most well-known villages and one of the best places to stay! It’s known for its forests, some of the best restaurants in Kefalonia, and the stunning Skala beach – one of the best beaches in Kefalonia.

With many boat tours and activities, it’s the perfect place for kids to visit Kefalonia!

2. Fiscardo, Kefalonia

A bustling harbour scene in Fiscardo Kefalalonia with a foreground of a traditional fishing boat in red and white, surrounded by more modern sailboats, and quaint, colourful buildings under a bright blue sky.

Fiscardo (Fiskardo), Greece, is a definite must if you’re looking for things to do in Kefalonia.

The sizeable cosmopolitan village is the most famous and most visited of villages and towns in Kefalonia, and there are many private yachts and boat trips in Fiscardo Bay, a well-known Kefalonia port. Fiskardo beach trips promise some of the best beaches in Kefalonia!

Fiscardo is just as beautiful at night. Why not book this Fiscardo at night tour?

3. Lourdas, Kefalonia

Warm sunset light casting the shadow of a ladder in Lourdas Kefalonia on an orange wall with dense green foliage overhead.

Also known as Lourdata, this is a popular, family-friendly village on the Greek island of Kefalonia. Lourdata beach trips promise clean, clear sand and seas.

Specifically, Lourdas Beach, Kefalonia, is known for its good weather and good fun! The lovely village itself is on the slopes of Mount Ainos.

4. Assos, Kefalonia

Serene coastal landscape with clear blue waters, a few small boats, and houses with colourful roofs nestled against a mountainous backdrop.

While on your holidays to Kefalonia, don’t forget Assos! The quaint little village has its own small 16th-century castle built on the coastline. A visit to the castle is one of the most interesting things to do in Kefalonia for those who like history!

Assos Beach, Kefalonia, is a great place for a swim or snorkelling session. It is also one of the prettiest places in Kefalonia! Why not book this private Discover Assos tour?

Scenic view from a hilltop looking down on Assos Kefalonia with crystal clear waters, surrounded by lush greenery and small village structures

5. Lixouri, Kefalonia

Dramatic sunset overLixouri Kefalonia, with a beach lined with umbrellas and cars parked along the winding road, surrounded by steep cliffs.

Lixouri is the biggest village in Kefalonia and one of the most visited. It’s known for its archaeological museum, monastery and churches, and rich music culture.

There are also several beautiful beaches. Even though it’s technically a village, Lixouri is the second-largest town in Kefalonia!

6. Lassi, Kefalonia

Aerial view of Lassi beach with colorful umbrellas, clear turquoise waters, and sunbathers enjoying a sunny day.

Lassi is known for its many beaches and lively tourist scene. It’s a family beach resort known for its traditional Greek music, dancing, souvenir shops, restaurants, and more. It’s very close to the capital of Argostoli and within walking

distance. It’s a resort town that technically extends the capital city, though most people refer to it in its own right.

7. Sami, Kefalonia

One of the towns in Kefalonia with multi-coloured houses and sailboats moored along the coast, lush green hills in the background, under a clear blue sky.

The coastal village of Sami and the connected Ancient Sami is a vital village and town in Kefalonia. It’s home to the second-largest port on the island and is a renowned Kefalonia town for boat travel to Patras, Italy, and several other Greek islands. It’s also an excellent spot for Kefalonia fishing.

8.Agia Efimia, Kefalonia

The small, quaint village of Agia Efimia, named for a saint, has many well-known beaches. It also has several beautiful Venetian fortresses and the famous Monastery of Themata. Many private trips go to hidden gems both on the island and across the water.

9. Kourkoumelata, Kefalonia

Clear, turquoise waters along a rugged coastline with sheer white cliffs and lush greenery on a sunny day.

The small village of Kourkoumelata was completely rebuilt after the massive 1953 earthquake, which shook the entire island of Kefalonia. The restructuring was funded by the local Vergotis family.

The public buildings and spaces are very different from the rest of the island, and it’s beautiful to see!

Towns in Kefalonia

These two towns in Kefalonia are just as beautiful as the villages! No major cities are on the island, making the towns even more special.

10. Argostoli

Argostoli in Kefalonia with colourful buildings densely packed along the waterfront, viewed across a bright blue bay under a clear sky

Argostoli is the capital of Kefalonia and contains its major airport. Flights to Kefalonia come here from worldwide, as it is one of the 15 international airports in Greece. The breathtaking Koutavos Lagoon is to the east of the town.

Though earthquakes have repeatedly destroyed parts of the town, it’s still the island’s thriving capital.

Within Argostoli are the ruins of Krani, a major city of Kefalonia in ancient times. Around Krani are the remains of the Cyclopean walls, huge protective walls that protected the city.

There are many things to do, from museums to beaches, and there are easy access points to nearby towns and villages. The Church of Agios Spyridon and the Clock Tower of Campana Square aren’t to be missed for sightseeing.

There are also late-night clubs and bars for adults, and many fashionable boutiques for those who enjoy shopping! Why not check out this Argostoli sightseeing and suburbs tour?

11. Poros

A panoramic view of a Mediterranean harbor town with white houses densely packed on a hillside, overlooking a calm bay filled with various sailing boats and yachts, under a clear blue sky.

Poros is one of the best family-friendly towns in Kefalonia. It’s known for its long sandy beaches with shallow, swimmable waters and its small, easily walkable grassy hills. The oldest building on the island, the Monastery of Artos, has been standing in Poros since the 8th century!

Many attractions and hiking roads have their homes in Poros. Many of these trails lead to breathtaking waterfalls that aren’t to be missed. The Drakaina Cave exists around these waterfalls, burrowed into the high slopes of Poros Gorge. The cave dates back to the late Neolithic Age, at least six and a half thousand years ago.

The Mycenaen tomb of Tzanata is the biggest excavation in the Ionian islands. It is right at the entrance to Poros and dates back to the 14th century BCE. The archaeologists have found many royal seals, gold jewellery, and brooches.

It was the burial place of many famous ancient people, including – it is rumoured – the real version of Homer’s Odysseus!

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