EXACTLY How To Get To Mykonos From Athens in 2024

Are you planning a journey from Athens to Mykonos? Not sure what’s the best way to get to Mykonos from Athens?

This guide will go through all the transport options for travelling between Athens and Mykonos, Greece including a flight from Athens to Mykonos, a ferry from Piraeus port to Mykonos and a ferry from Rafina Port to Mykonos. There are also some unique ways to travel between the two destinations, including booking a private water taxi.

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Best Way to Get from Athens to Mykonos

The best way to get from Athens to Mykonos is by high-speed ferry. Many ferries run from both Rafina and Piraeus Port. View ferry times for your dates here.

If you’re flying into Athens airport and planning to travel straight to Mykonos, the easiest way to get to Mykonos from Athens is to fly and catch a connecting flight at Athens Airport. View flight prices and availability for your dates here.

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How Travel from Athens to Mykonos

There are several options for travelling between Athens and Mykonos. The main options are to catch an Athens to Mykonos ferry and to fly from Athens to Mykonos.

The option you choose will depend on how fast you want to get to Mykonos, your budget and whether you’re bringing a car.

There are also private boat transfers if you have a high budget!

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Option 1: A Flight To Mykonos from Athens International Airport

The average time it takes to fly Athens to Mykonos is 47 minutes.

Sky Express, Olympic Air, Aegean and Volotea fly Athens to Mykonos direct.

Athens to Mykonos flights are regular. As there is only 1 airport in Athens, the connection is easy and the flight is fast, meaning you’ll be in Mykonos in no time

If you’re travelling to Mykonos from Athens city centre, the airport can be reached easily by metro, bus or private transfer.

View Athens to Mykonos flights for your dates here:

Alternatively, you can fly into an airport near Mykonos and catch a ferry to Mykonos from there. View our list of Airports in Greece for more information.

Athens to Mykonos Ferry

Going on a boat from Athens to Mykonos is one of the most popular options. The Athens to Mykonos ferry time depends on whether you catch a slow ferry or an Athens to Mykonos high-speed ferry.

Ferries leave from both Rafina and Piraeus Port:

Option 2: A Ferry from Piareus Port, Athens to Mykonos

Piraeus is the main port in Athens and where most ferries to Mykonos from Athens leave from. Piraeus is the easiest port to get to in Athens.

How to get to Piraeus Port

Here are the best ways to get to Piraeus Port:

MRT from Athens to Piraeus

From Athens centre, simply catch the metro to Piraeus station. There’s then a free shuttle bus connecting to the different port gates. This takes 30 minutes from Athens centre and 1 hour, 20 minutes from Athens Airport.

Private Transfer from Athens to Piraeus (or taxi)

A taxi from Athens city centre to Piraeus port should cost around €20 or €50 and 45 minutes from Athens Airport. You can also book a private transfer in advance with Welcome Pickups

Walking to Piareus Port

If you’re already staying in Piraeus port, it’s so useful to be able to walk to your ferry departure. There’s also a free shuttle bus connecting the different gates together which runs every 20 minutes from Piraeus metro station. View places to stay near Piraeus port here.

Option 3: A Ferry from Rafina Port to Mykonos

Ferries from Rafina Port to Athens are often much faster than ferries from Piraeus to Athens.

How to get to Rafina Port

There are lots of ways to get to Rafina. It’s very close to Athens Airport so a good option if you’re travelling to Mykonos straight from a flight.

Bus to Rafina Port from Athens Airport or City Centre

Buses leave Athens city centre every hour (€2.40) with a journey time of 70 minutes. Buses from Athens airport take 30 minutes and cost €3.

Taxi to Rafina Port from Athens Airport or City Centre

A Taxi will cost you around €50 by day from Athens city centre and take 1 hour, 15 minutes. From Athens airport, a taxi will take around 20 minutes and cost about €25. Private transfers can be pre-booked online with Welcome Pickups. View the latest prices and availability for your dates here.

Private Boat Transfers from Athens to Mykonos

A private oat transfer is also an option when travelling from Athens to Mykonos. A variety of companies offer this service:

Ribing Greece provides private rib ride speed boats from major islands, including a transfer from Santorini to Paros.

Royal VIP Transfer offers chartered helicopter transfers from Athens to Mykonos.

Bringing a Car from Athens to Mykonos

If you’re planning on taking a car from Athens to Mykonos, make sure you book a ticket on a car ferry and pay the surcharge for your car.

It’s often a lot cheaper to travel around Greece without a car or hire a car on the Greek islands you visit. If you’re bringing a hire car, make sure you check the regulations when it comes to taking the car away from the island you hired it in. View car fares for your dates here.


Travelling Between Athens and Mykonos with Kids

If you’re staying in Athens or you’re flying into Athens Airport, consider flying from Athens to Mykonos. A number of flights run each day and the journey is significantly shorter, especially if you’re connecting from another flight.

Boarding a ferry from Athens to Mykonos is also a good option. Make sure you book a fast ferry from Athens to Mykonos. If the journey is longer than 3 hours, consider booking a cabin, we often book a cabin when travelling with BlueStar and it’s really useful to be able to give kids freedom on the boat and have privacy. Note that ferries from Athens to Mykonos leave from both Rafina and Piraeus port. View ferries from Athens to Mykonos for your dates here.

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