Is Macedonia in Greece? What You Need to Know

If you’re wondering whether or not Macedonia is in Greece, you’re not alone—it’s a common question. To answer the question ‘Is Macedonia in Greece’, we have to take a look at some history. So buckle up because here we go!

Is Macedonia in Greece?

No – North Macedonia is an independent nation with its own government and borders. However, it has strong ties with Greece due to its shared history as well as more recent agreements between governments.

Is Macedonia in Greece? The History That Let to Todays Agreement

brown house beside sea, is macedonia in greece
The landscape of North Macedonia

Macedonia is an area located in the southeastern part of Europe. It was once part of the Ottoman Empire and later became part of Yugoslavia when that country was established after World War I.

When Yugoslavia dissolved in 1991, Macedonia declared its independence. For a while, there was a dispute between Greece and Macedonia over who had the right to use the name “Macedonia.” Greece felt that using the name would be seen as an affront to its history and culture since it had used the term for centuries before Macedonian independence.

In June 2018, an agreement was reached between Greece and Macedonia to end their dispute over the name. Under this agreement, Macedonia changed its name to North Macedonia.

It recognized Greek sovereignty over all areas historically associated with Ancient Greek civilization (which includes most of modern-day northern Greece). In return, Greece recognized North Macedonia’s right to self-determination and agreed that the two countries could work together on projects such as energy pipelines and transport networks.

So there you have it—while North Macedonia isn’t officially part of Greece, there are still close ties between these two countries due to their shared history and more recent agreements between their respective governments.

Understanding this background can help us better appreciate the relationship between North Macedonia and Greece today!

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