EXACTLY How to Get from Athens to Sifnos in 2024

Are you planning a journey from Athens to Sifnos or an island-hopping trip around the Greek Islands? This post will explain exactly how to get to Sifnos from Athens.

Sifnos is the perfect destination in Greece. Experience the stunning beaches, isolated villages, and family-friendly atmosphere.

Athens is also well worth a visit. It is the capital of Greece and home to the world-famous Acropolis, with ample tourist attractions and beautiful beaches. There is no airport in Sifnos, so the only option is to fly into Athens and travel to Sifnos from Piareus Port in Athens.

You can also travel to Sifnos from other islands in the Cyclades by ferry if you plan to put Sifnos in the middle of your island-hopping itinerary.

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The Best Way to Get from Athens to Sifnos

The best way to travel from Athens to Sifnos (and the only way) is by ferry from Piraeus Port in Athens. Many companies operate on this route. Choose a medium journey time for a medium price for the best experience.

For the best experience, I recommend travelling with Seajets. The journey is just 2 hours and 30 minutes. However, I don’t recommend travelling with SeaJets as a first choice when island hopping in Greece because of the cost. For this particular journey, it is half the travel time of other ferry routes, and there are various times to choose from.

Most SeaJets ferries from Athens to Sifnos sail at times around 10:00 and 14:30.

Check the latest ferry times below:

How Long is the Ferry Ride Between Athens and Sifnos?

The journey time varies depending on which ferry company you choose. The fastest is 2 hours and 30 minutes with Seajets, and the longest is 5 hours and 24 minutes with Zante Ferries or Aegean Sea Lines.

Shorter journeys are often more expensive, but on longer trips, you will stop at other islands on the way, which can be a cheap way to see some of the other islands that might be outside your itinerary.

signos beach, cyclades

Athens to Sifnos Map

Athens to Sifnos Ferry Routes

This table provides an overview of each ferry company’s weekly sailings, duration, and pricing.

Ferry CompanySailings Per WeekDurationPrice RangeRoute Description
SeaJets142 hours, 30 mins€68.70via Serifos
Aegean Speed Lines82 hours, 55 mins€43-€57via Kynthos and Serifos
Zante Ferries64 hours, 55 mins€43.50Direct but slow
Aegean Sea Lines74 hours, 55 mins€43Direct but slow

View Timetables for Your Dates Below:

Athens to Sifnos Ferry Times

Ferry times between Athens and Sifnos vary depending on the month and the day of the week.

Generally, the first ferry (Seajets) leaves Piraeus Port in Athens at 7:00.

On some days, ferries finish at 15:30 to Sifnos; on others, you can go as late as 19:00.

Ensure you look at the ferry times properly if booking at the last minute. On some days, ferries finish at 11:00.

How Much is the Ferry from Athens to Sifnos?

The cost of a ferry ticket from Athens to Sifnos varies depending on the ferry company and the type of service. Here are the options:

  • SeaJets offers the quickest journey, taking about 2 hours and 30 minutes, and charges approximately €68.70 for a one-way ticket. They operate 14 sailings per week.
  • Aegean Speed Lines provides a journey of about 2 hours and 55 minutes, with prices ranging from €43 to €57. They have 8 sailings per week.
  • Zante Ferries and Aegean Sea Lines offer longer trips, lasting about 4 hours and 55 minutes. Zante Ferries charges around €43.50 per trip with 6 weekly sailings, while Aegean Sea Lines has tickets priced at €43 with 7 sailings per week.

How Do I Buy Athens to Sifnos Ferry Tickets?

Buying ferry tickets from Athens to Sifnos is straightforward and can be done in several ways:

1. Online Booking (Recommended): The most convenient way to purchase your tickets is online, especially before your trip. This method allows you to compare different ferry services, check schedules, and secure your spot on the boat in advance, which is highly recommended during peak travel seasons. I recommend using FerryHopper to book your tickets before travel.

2. At the Port: If you have yet to book your ticket in advance, you can purchase one directly at Piraeus Port. There are ticket booths available where you can buy tickets on the day of departure. However, remember that availability might be limited, especially during the busy summer months, and you may have a long wait (even until the next day) for the next sailing.

3. Travel Agencies in Athens: This option is useful if you plan to stay in Athens before visiting the Greek Islands, if you prefer to deal with a person directly, or if you need additional travel advice.

How to get to Piraeus Port

Ferries to Sifnos leave from Piraeus Port, a short drive from Athens city centre. The best way to reach Piraeus port for your journey to Sifnos is by car.

MRT to Piraeus Port – From the centre of Athens, catch the metro to Piraeus station. There’s a metro station in most districts of Athens, including at Athens airport. A free shuttle bus connects the different port gates. This takes 30 minutes from the centre of Athens and 1 hour and 20 minutes from Athens Airport.

Private Transfer or Taxi to Piraeus – A taxi from Athens city centre to Piraeus port should cost around €20. From Athens Airport, expect to pay approximately €50 for the 45-minute journey. You can also book a private transfer in advance with Get Transfer for a similar price. View and book transfers here.

Walking to Piraeus Port – If you’re already staying in Piraeus Port, it’s so helpful to walk to your ferry departure. There’s also a free shuttle bus connecting the different gates, which runs every 20 minutes from the Piraeus metro station. View places to stay near Piraeus port here.

Arriving at Sifnos Port

Arriving at Sifnos Port is stunning. You’ll see a long beach backed with steep hills, traditional tavernas and souvenir shops. The port is quiet compared to the neighbouring island of Milos. Walking to your accommodation (even with kids!) is easy if you’re staying in the port area.

Buses in Sifnos: If you plan to stay elsewhere on the island, all buses run to the capital – Apolonia, where you can change onto another bus to your chosen destination. Regular buses run from Apolonia to Kastro, Vathi, Platis Gialos and Cherronisos. Ticket prices vary between €1 and €2.30

Taxis in Sifnos: There are not many taxis on the island of Sifnos, but there is almost always one available if you ask your accommodation provider to order one in advance. The journey from Sifnos Port (Artemonas) to Platis Gialoscostst €40.

Taking a Car from Athens to Sifnos

If you’ve hired a car in Athens or brought your vehicle to Greece, you may be wondering if you can take your vehicle to Sifnos.

Most ferries between Athens and Sifnos are car ferries. On Greek ferries, you pay for each passenger and the car separately. The vehicle is usually more expensive than an average ticket. View hire-car prices and availability here. Get started with your journey planning and view ferry timetables and prices for cars here.

How to Get from Athens Airport to Sifnos

You’ll start your journey from Athens Airport to Sifnos by heading to Piraeus Port.As the island doesn’t have an airport, there’s no direct flight to Sifnost, so the ferry from Piraeus Port is your only option.

From Athens Airport, the cheapest way to reach Piraeus Port is by taking the metro. The metro ride to Piraeus station takes about 1 hour and 20 minutes. If you prefer a quicker, more direct route, you can opt for a taxi or a private transfer, which will get you there in around 45 minutes and cost about €50.

Once you’re at Piraeus Port, you can catch a ferry to Sifnos. The ferry ride varies in duration depending on the service you choose. SeaJets offers the fastest connection, taking about 2 hours and 30 minutes, which is ideal if you’re short on time.

How Do I Get from Sifnos to Athens?

Taking a ferry from Piraeus Port is the only option to reach Sifnos from Athens. SeaJets offers the fastest journey, taking about 2 hours and 30 minutes for €68.70, with 14 weekly sailings. Aegean Speed Lines sail in roughly 2 hours and 55 minutes for a slightly longer trip, costing between €43 and €57, with 8 weekly trips.

Zante Ferries and Aegean Sea Lines offer trips lasting about 4 hours and 55 minutes for those open to a longer travel time. Zante Ferries charges €43.50 and sails 6 times a week, while Aegean Sea Lines has a fare of €43 with 7 weekly sailings.

Always check the latest ferry schedules to choose the best option for your schedule and budget.

Athens to Sifnos FAQs

Can you fly from Athens to Sifnos?

No, you cannot fly directly from Athens to Sifnos as the island does not have an airport. The only way to travel from Athens to Sifnos from the Greek Mainland is by ferry from Piraeus Port. You can also travel to Sifnos by ferry from other Greek Islands in the Cyclades.

What is the distance between Athens and Sifnos?

The distance by sea from Athens to Sifnos is approximately 193 kilometres. Ferries travel this distance when they sail from Piraeus Port in Athens directly to Sifnos. Some ferries stop at other islands along the way, which makes the journey longer.

How do you get to Sifnos Greece from the UK?

The best way to get to Sifnos from the UK is to fly directly to Athens and catch a ferry from Piraeus Port outside Athens to Sifnos with Seajets (the fastest ferry option). You could also fly directly from the UK to Mykonos, where you can catch a one-hour, 50-minute ferry to Sifnos, or fly from the UK to Santorini and catch a four—to six-hour ferry to Sifnos.

How big is Sifnos?

The island of Sifnos is 73.94 square kilometres. There are many stunning beaches, resort towns, and hidden villages across the island that you can explore.

How many days do you need in Sifnos?

The time you travel to Sifnos should depend on what you want to do while on the island. The minimum amount of time I recommend is 3 days and 2 nights. We spent 2 nights on the island, and we’ll be back! Make sure you explore Platis Gialos!

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