EXACTLY How to Get from Mykonos to Syros in 2024

Are you planning a journey from Mykonos to Syros? Are you going on an island-hopping trip around the Greek Islands? The post will take you through exactly how to get to Syros from Mykonos.

Syros is a less well-known island in the Northern Cyclades and well worth a visit. The capital of the island – Syros Town is the capital of the Cyclades.

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How Long is the Ferry Ride Between Mykonos and Syros?

Depending n which ferry company you choose, and whether any stops are made along the way, the ferry from Mykonos to Syros is 30 minutes to 1.5 hours. The current routes and durations are as follows:

  • SeaJets – 30 minutes
  • Golden Star – 35 minutes
  • BlueStar – 1 hour, 15 minutes

View updates durations for your dates here:

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What is the Cheapest Ferry from Mykonos to Syros

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Mykonos Syros ferries have different pricing depending on the ferry company and duration. The current prices are:

  • BlueStar Ferries Mykonos to Syros €11-43.5
  • GoldenStar Mykonos Syros Ferry – €20-24
  • SeaJets Mykonos to Syros Ferry – €21-38

Note that the Mykonos Syros ferries have a number of discounts for Greek citizens, concessions and students. Check the ferry company websites for details.

Mykonos to Syros Ferry Routes

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The ferry route between Mykonos and Syros is served by BlueStar Ferries, SeaJets and Golden Star ferries. Due to the short distance, most ferries travel directly from Syros to Mykonos and you should try and book a ferry that does this.

How to Get to Mykonos Port

Sea Bus: The SeaBus is the easiest and most efficient way to travel from Mykonos Town to Mykonos port. Hop on the boat at the pier and arrive at Mykonos port in no time. Boats leave every 30 minutesand there is plenty of room for luggage.

Bus: Buses run from Mykonos Town bus station to Mykonos port. If you’re staying elsewhere on the island, you’ll need to change buses in Mykonos town. Buses are cheap but are often crowded and get stuck in tourist traffic.

Private Transfer: Most people arriving into or travelling to Mykonos port opt for a private transfer. Many accommodation providers offer free transfers or offer a transfer at an extra cost. This is worth the price if you are not staying in Mykonos Town. The island is small, and you’ll be at your destination in no time. If your hotel doesn’t offer a transfer, we’ve found Get Transfer to be excellent.

How to Get from Syros Port Around the Island

Syros Port is conveniently located in Ermopoli, the capital of the island and Cyclades group. Most places in Ermopoli are walkable from the port area.

Bus: Once you leave the port, the bus station is opposite. Minibus services run to the hillside village of Ano Mera. One bus route serves the island, a circular route, stopping at the main resorts, coastal towns and villages. Make sure you get on the right bus, or you will have to sit on the bus for the majority of the circular route before your stop.

There is room at the bottom of the bus for luggage. Ensure the driver knows you will be getting luggage off at your stop. If you can, take your things on the bus with you.

Taxi: There are many taxis in Syros, with fantastic prices compared to other islands in the Cyclades. Call a taxi to pick you up at the port, or try your luck getting one when you get there. You could also book a private transfer to pick you up at the port: view transfer prices and availability for your dates here.

Taking a Car from Mykonos to Syros

If you’re planning to bring your car with you on your trip, make sure you book a car ferry and a separate ticket for your car.

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