Amorgos Island Greece: A Complete Family Travel Guide [2024]

Amorgos is not a typical island for a family getaway in Greece, but if you’re island-hopping around the Cyclades, Amorgos Island, Greece, is a must-visit destination with plenty to do for families (if you know where to look).

Here is a complete guide to visiting Amorgos with kids, including how to travel to the island, the best things to do with kids and the best places to stay in Amorgos with kids.

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Amorgos Map

Amorgos with Kids

If you stay in the right location, Amorgos is one of the best islands in Greece for kids. When you visit Amorgos, you’ll feel like you’ve gone back in time. Relax on the beach of Aegiali or walk the streets of the capital, Chora.

amorgos with kids, a walk in Chora Amorgos
My daughter when she was nearly 2 enjoying a walk in Chora

How to Get to Amorgos, Greece

There are two ports on the island of Amorgos: Katapola and Aegiali.

Katapola is the biggest port, and it sees more yachts and has more frequent ferry services.

Aegiali also has a good number of ferry connections.

Aegiali port amorgos
Aegiali Port, Amorgos (Credit: Antonis)

Amorgos is more remote than many of the Cyclades islands, but with a bit of planning, you can easily find a high-speed ferry service from a nearby island or Athens.

Naxos is one of the most accessible islands to travel to from Amorgos (1.5-4 hours), as well as most of the small Cyclades islands like Koufinisi. The Small Cyclades ferry Line ferry ends in Amorgos each day, and BlueStar and SeaJets ferry also regularly make the crossing. 

View ferry times and availability for your dates.

If you want to fly to a nearby island, the nearest airport is Santorini Airport. You could also fly into Mykonos, Heraklion (Crete), or Athens.

Naxos and Paros also have small airports which serve flights from Athens.

You can view our guide to all the Airports in Greece here.

View flights for your dates here.

The 14 best Things to do in Amorgos Island, Greece

There are lots of things to do in Amorgos with kids. Here are our top picks:

1. Levrossos Beach Amorgos

Levrossos Amorgos, Amorgos beaches
Levrossos – One of the Best Amorgos Beaches

Levrossos Beach is the perfect day trip from Aegiali – just a 20-minute walk away. Here, you’ll find crystal-clear water and soft white sand.

A water taxi regularly runs from Aegiali port. Trees shade the back of the beach, and a taverna serves traditional Greek food throughout the day.

2. Visit the Mountain Village of Chora

Greek village life, beautiful villages in Greece, Amorgos with kids, chora amorgos, cyclades

You can’t visit Amorgos without visiting the hillside capital of Chora. Set on one of the highest points on the island, Chora offers stunning views across the island.

Explore the winding Cycladic streets and find the main square, where there are plenty of traditional tavernas and a beautiful church.

Chora Amorgos is the perfect place to see traditional Greek village life. There’s even a playpark with one of the most beautiful views in Greece.

mill, old, island, chora, village in greece

3. Spend Time at Aegeli Beach

Aegiali amorgos, amorgos beaches
Aegieli is one of the best Amorgos beaches

Aegiali Beach is one of the best things to do in Amorgos with kids and one of the best beaches in the area. The large stretch of sand has crystal-clear water and a fantastic family-friendly atmosphere.

4. Explore Aegeli Town

Behind Aegiali Beach, you’ll find cheap supermarkets, gift shops, and takeaways for all the family. This is the perfect place to dine out or buy souvenirs!

5. Walk from One Side of Katapola to the Other

Walk from one side of Katapola to the other Katapola Amorgos, Amorgos port, Amorgos for families.

Cats of Greece, cat, Amorgos, chora, amorgos with children

The bay of Katapola is vast. It’s actually made up of three Greek villages that have emerged into one over time. You can walk right across the bay from the ferry port in around 30 minutes.

Make sure you visit the stunning Katapola Church and the village behind it, where you’ll find traditional Cycladic streets. Along the seafront, you’ll find great shops, including a traditional bakery, a shop selling local spirits and plenty of tavernas and cafes.

Amorgos resort, amorgos katapola beach, amorgos beaches

As you walk through Katapola, there are plenty of learning experiences for the kids. We managed to see sheep, a donkey, and hundreds of ducks living on the beach on our walk. There’s also a large kids park next to the bus station with stunning sea views.

The remotest village has a fishing village vibe with delicious seafood restaurants and traditional fishing boats. From here, there are fantastic views all around the bay.

amorgos fishing, greek fishing village, greece seafood, fisherman, sea
(Credit: Paul)

6. Go on a Short Boat Ride to Maltezi Beach

Maltezi beach amorgos

A short ride in a traditional fishing boat from Katapola Port will take you to Maltezi Beach.

Katapola Beach is not really suitable to sit on, but this beach is only a few minutes away by boat. The crew play traditional Greek music as you sail around Katapola Bay.

amorgos with kids, childrens beaches in amorgos
Playing on Maltezi Beach. We visited this beach multiple times during our trip!

A beach bar sells fantastic drinks, cocktails, and snacks on the beach. There are also a small number of sunbeds to hire. It’s also possible to walk to the beach from the furthest village in Katapola, but the walk is only suitable for older kids and teens and not on a sweltering day!

water taxi amorgos, cyclades, sea in greece, beautiful greece
The water taxi waiting to bring beach visitors back to Katapola

7. Visit the Parks of Amorgos

amorgos parks

During our visit to Amorgos, we found some lovely parks:

There is a park in Katapola by the bus station. Go earlier in the morning because the slides can heat up, and there isn’t much shade.

One of the most unique parks in Amorgos is the park at the back of Chora, high up in the hills. It has some of the best views you could ever see from a park.

There’s a park behind Aegiali’s beach.

8. Visit Katapola Bakery

Amorgos bakery, katapola

Katapola Bakery still has a traditional village vibe. Early in the morning, locals come to buy their morning bread. You can try traditional Greek snacks or get your morning coffee. Make sure you check the opening times.

9. Swim in Katapola

West of Katapola Port (turn left when looking at the port), you’ll find a miniature pebbled beach and a platform that is perfect for getting straight into the water (beach shoes are recommended).

I would say this is more suitable for older kids and teens, although the local children love to swim off the platform. This is the perfect place to have a dip if you’re not going on a beach day.

10. Visit the Botanical Gardens of Katapola for Breakfast

Katapola breakfast, where to eat in Amorgos, botanical gardens of amorgos, greek yoghurt, what to eat in greece
where to eat in amorgos, homemade lemonade

The botanical gardens of Katapola are a hidden gem! Turn down an alleyway near Katapola Port and climb the steps. On your right, you’ll come across the entrance to the gardens.

With kids, it’s perfect to go for a fantastic breakfast, freshly made with local ingredients. The garden grows hundreds of herbs and adds them to the food and drinks.

Make sure you try the homemade soft drinks with local mint. By night, the gardens turn into a cocktail bar.

10. Visit Tziki Cafe in Hora

At the entrance to Hora, just across the road from the bus stop, you’ll find Tziki cafe. We stopped for breakfast after the bus ride and it was delicious!

12. Experience the Drive from Katapola to Aegieli

Katapola to Aegieli drive, cyclades islands

The journey from Katapola to Aegiali is one of the most scenic journeys in Greece. Drive up the winding road from Katapola until you reach Chora village (view in image).

The road from Chora will take you all the way to Aegeili. You’ll see stunning views out to sea, remote beaches and deserted islands. Make sure you bring your camera (and a car sickness pill!).

13. Lagada Amorgos Village

Lagada Village (Credit: Antonis)

Lagada is one of the prettiest villages in Greece and one of the best things to do in Amorgos. Set on a mountain, you’ll find traditional Cycladic streets, beautiful bougainvillaea, traditional tavernas and stunning views.

14. Plakes Beach, Amorgos

Plakes is one of the most stunning beaches in Greece. It is located in the centre of the Amorgos coast, between Katapola and Aegiali.

Best Areas to Stay in Amorgos

Here are the best areas to stay in Amorgos and the best Amorgos hotels:


Aegiali is the best family resort for a beach holiday. It has everything you need, including tourist shops, a fantastic beach, and even a port.

Best Places to Stay in Aegiali

Aegialis Hotel and SpaThe Aegialis Hotel and Spa is one of the most luxurious places to stay in Amorgos. Set nearby Aegieli and Levrosos Beach, the Hotel features an Olympic-size swimming pool and many amazing facilities, including a spa! Enjoy cooking lessons and themed Greek nights.

View prices and availability for your dates here.

Lakki Village – Right on the beachside of Aegiali, Lakki Village has everything you need for a family trip to Amorgos. Enjoy the outdoor pool, enjoy the on-site children’s playground and eat breakfast, lunch and dinner in the on-site restaurant.

View prices and availability for your dates here.


Katapola beach

We stayed in Katapola, which is the perfect base from which to explore the island. There’s plenty to do in Katapola, too.

Best Places to Stay in Katapola

Alexandros Rooms, Katapola – This is where we stayed. The rooms are just steps away from Katapola Port and the water taxi to Maltezi Beach. We had an amazing church view where we could hear the church bells and singing in the morning.

Diosmarini Studios and Apartments – Whether you need a double room or a quadruple, the Diosmarini Studios can accommodate you. Set just 5 minute’s walk away from Katapola port and with stunning views, these studios are one of the best places to stay in Katapola.

Island Hopping from Amorgos

If you’re planning on visiting Amorgos as part of an island-hopping trip and you’re not sure where to go afterward, read this section!

We arrived in Amorgos from Naxos, although we wished we’d stopped at Koufinisi first after seeing the island from the ferry. From Amorgos, we traveled onto Santorini and, a few days later, to Milos.

Amorgos to Santorini

Duration: 1.5-6 hours

Distance: 93km

santorini by plane - Santorini international airport

Santorini is one of the most popular islands to visit after Amorgos. It is a stark contrast to the isolated island of Amorgos. However, if you’re visiting the Cyclades, Santorini is a must-visit island. You’ll have the chance to see the stunning volcanic landscape, picturesque white Cycladic houses with stunning blue roofs, and cobbled streets.

Santorini also has some fantastic beaches. Explore the black sand beach of Perivolos or spend the day at Kamari Beach.

How do you get from Amorgos to Santorini?

The distance between Amorgos and Santorini is 48 miles, and the journey time can be 1.5-4 hours, depending on whether you choose a high-speed ferry and whether the ferry stops at any other islands en route.

There are several ferries a week from a more grass to Santorini, leaving from either Katapola or Aegieli Port. If you’re travelling with kids, try to book the high-speed SeaJets ferry.

The main ferry routes are run by Seajets (1.5 hours) or the Small Cyclades Line (3+ hours). Beware of seasickness on the small Cyclades line. SeaJets is a much better ferry for kids. Ferries from Amorgos to Santorini run once every 1-3 days, depending on the season.

Make sure you stay in the same place as the ferry or from Katapola if you’re staying in Hora – it’s hard to get from Aegieli to Katapola with young kids.

Amorgos to Naxos

Distance: 97.6km

Duration: 1-2 hours

Naxos is one of the easiest islands to reach from Amorgos. Jets run a high-speed route to Naxos via Koufonisi. Explore the vibrant Naxos Town and climb up to the stunning Kastro castle for amazing views across the island. Naxos town is also home to Saint George Beach, a large stretch of sand perfect for families.

Just outside Naxos Town is the coastal village of Agios Prokopios, which has one of the best beaches in Greece. From Agios Prokopios, you can walk to the neighbouring beaches of Agia Anna and Plaka for a perfect Family Day out.

Head inland, and you’ll find sprawling mountains, the famous prehistoric Acropolis of Naxos traditional villages.

How do you get from Amorgos to Naxos?

The only way to get from Amorgos to Naxos is by ferry. Three companies run ferry services: Seajets, BlueStar, and the Small Cyclades lines.

SeaJets is the fastest route (1 hour, 15 minutes), and BlueStar is also a good option, especially if you’re travelling from Aegieli.

Ferries to Naxos from Amorgos run from both Katapola and Aegieli Port.

Read about the best places to stay in Naxos here >>>

How to Get from Amorgos to Paros

Distance: 133km

Ferry Duration: 3.5 hours

Paros is another island that is easy to reach from Amorgos. Explore the capital, Parikia, and spend your days on the stunning beaches.

Discover the winding streets of Parikia Old Town and visit traditional Greek bakeries. Go on a walk up to the Paros windmills for fantastic views across Parikia.

Just a short drive away from Parikia is the coastal village of Naoussa, one of the most famous villages in Greece.

Head inland and you’ll find the traditional village of Lefkes, where time has stopped out on the other side of the island. There are more fantastic beaches. Head to Golden Beach for the ultimate family day out.

How to Get from Amorgos to Paros

BlueStar, SeaJets and Hellenic Seaways serve the ferry journey from Amorgos to Paros:

BlueStar – 4 hours, 15 minutes – Up to 3 times/week

SeaJets – 2 hours, 5 minutes – One per day

Hellenic Seaways – 2 hours, 35 minutes – One per day

Ferries run from both Aegeili and Katapola ports in Amorgos, and it’s hard to get between them. Make sure you book a ferry from the port near you!

Koufonisi and the Small Cyclades

Ku Fanisi is the perfect island to visit on an island-hopping trip with Amorgos. The small island is part of the small Cyclades group and has isolated beaches, crystal clear waters, and a fantastic family-friendly atmosphere.

Mykonos to Amorgos

Distance: 141km

Duration: 2 hours, 10 minutes

mykonos windmills greece

If you’re going on an island-hopping adventure in the Cyclades, Mykonos is an island you can’t miss! Explore the stunning Mykonos Town with its vibrant atmosphere, famous windmills and fantastic eateries. Climb to the top of town and see the famous Mykonos Windmills.

Mykonos has some of the best beaches in the Cyclades. Head to Elia Beach for soft white sand and amazingly clear water, or explore Kavourakia Beach, one of the best beaches in Mykonos for families.

How to Get to Mykonos from Amorgos

During the summer months, SeaJets runs the ferry from Katapola Port from Mykonos to Amorgos. The journey takes 2 hours and 10 minutes.

How do you get from Athens to Amorgos?

Athens to amorgos, athens views, athens panorama, acropolis

Athens is 308km from Amorgos, and the ferry trip takes 5 to 9.5 hours, depending on which islands it stops at and whether you choose a high-speed ferry.

The main ferry routes from Athens to Amorgos are run by BlueStar (5 hours, 35 minutes) and SeaJets (6 hours, 30 minutes). These ferries run from Piraeus Port – the main port in Athens. Piraeus Port can be reached on the metro from Athens Airport in around 1 hour, or you can book a private transfer which will get you there much faster.

If you’re travelling with kids, I recommend BlueStar. Most BlueStar ferries have cabins on board, making the journey much easier for families. To break up the journey, it may also be easier to stop at another island for 1-2 nights before Amorgos. Good options are Naxos, Paros, and Mykonos.

For more Greek Island Hopping adventures, read our 10-day Greece Island Hopping Itinerary

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