EXACTLY How to Get to Milos, Greece in 2024

Are you planning a trip to Milos? Not sure what’s the best way to get to Milos? This post will take you through exactly how to get to Milos, Greece, including flights to Milos, ferries to Milos, and how to get to Milos from other popular islands.

You’ll also get to know the best ways to get around Milos. Whether you want to reach Milos using the fastest route possible or find the cheapest way to get to Milos, we have you covered! From the world-famous Sarikiniko Beach to the charming capital, Chora, and the beauty of Adamas, Milos island Greece is a must-visit destination. If you’re island hopping around Greece or you’ve flown into Athens with the plan to travel to Milos, we’ll tell you exactly how to make the journey.

Milos Greece

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Where is Milos, Greece?

Milos is the most Western island of the Cyclades group south of Athens. Milos is located just 2 hours from the famous island of Santorini, 45 minutes from the hidden gem of Sifnos, 3 hours to Mykonos, and 3 hours from Athens.

The main town and port of Milos are Adamantas, where the ferries dock.

Appolonia is the main resort on the island and is perfect for families, and Chora is the island’s capital – a hillside town with stunning views and a traditional Greek atmosphere.

How do You Get to Milos?

There are many ways to reach the island of Milos. The most common way to get to Milos is by ferry, but flying from Athens is also possible.

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Flights to Milos Greece

Milos has a national airport located just 5km from Adamantas. Flying to Milos is the perfect way to travel on a connecting flight from Athens. The airport only serves flights to Athens, and flights are run by the following airlines:

  • Olympic Airlines
  • Sky Express
  • Aegean Air

More flights run from Milos Airport during peak season and the summer months. Make sure you book ahead to guarantee yourself a seat and a good deal.

Ferries to Milos Greece

Most visitors to Milos reach the island by ferry. Ferries run to Milos from various islands both near and far. Below, you’ll see in-depth guides on how to reach Milos from other popular islands. Alternatively, you can use Ferryhopper to find the best ferry deals and routes for your dates:

Getting to Milos from Athens

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The journey from Athens to Milos is one of Greece’s most popular ferry routes.

There are many options when travelling from Athens to Milos. If you’re wondering how to get to Milos from Athens, here are the main options:

  • A flight from Athens International Airport to Milos
  • A fast ferry from Piraeus Port to Milos
  • A slow ferry from Piraeus port to Milos
  • Slow Ferry from Lavrio Port to Milos

How to Get to Milos from Santorini: Santorini Milos Ferry


The best way to get from Milos to Santorini is by ferry. You can travel from Milos to Santorini on SeaSpeed Ferries, Goldenstar and Seajets. The ferry journey from Milos to Santorini is between 2 hours, 5 minutes to 3 hours, 45 minutes, depending on the ferry route and company chosen.

How to Get from Mykonos to Milos

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If you’ve flown into Mykonos International Airport or island hopping, you may want to travel from Mykonos to Milos.

The best way to get from Mykonos to Milos is by ferry. The ferry journey from Mykonos to Milos is between 3 hours, 5 minutes to 5 hours, 35 minutes depending on the route and ferry company chosen. Goldenstar and Seajets run the route.

How to Get from Crete to Milos

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The best way to get from Crete to Milos is by ferry. There are 2x ferries per week from Heraklion, Crete to Milos, which depart at 10:00 and 20:15. Take a look at the best ferry deals, timetables and prices below:

If you’re wondering how to get to Milos from Crete, check ferry schedules and prices below:

How to Get from Ios to Milos

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Milos lies just 74km off Milos island. The ferry from Ios to Milos takes 3 hours, 45 minutes and runs up to 7 times each week.

How to Get from Naxos to Milos

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There is one ferry each day from Naxos to Milos. It’s run by Seajets – a high-speed ferry service and takes 2 hours, 15 minutes, starting at 5:15 pm. Take a look at the best ferry deals, timetables, and prices below:

Take a look at the best Naxos to Milos ferry deals, timetables, and prices below:

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How to Get from Kimolos to Milos

A local ferry service runs from Kimolos to Milos up to 4 times per day. Ferries depart from Kimolos port and take around 30 minutes to reach Milos.

Ferries dock at the resort town of Appolonia on the North-East coast of Milos island. To travel from Apolonia to Adamas, it is 1/2 hour by bus or 20 minutes by taxi.

What is the Cheapest Way to Get to Milos?

The cheapest way to reach Milos from any destination is nearly always by ferry. It is worth checking the flight prices if you’re travelling from Athens. You can compare flight prices on Trip.com here.

The cheapest way to reach Milos by ferry is not to use high-speed ferry services and take slow boats. You could even have stopovers on other islands for a few hours to make your journey even cheaper. Also, the ferries that depart at odd times are often more affordable. View ferry availability and prices here.

Adamas Port, Milos

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Adamas Port is a medium-sized port located in the town of Adamas. Large ferries can easily dock while cruise ships can moor slightly out to sea. Once you arrive at Adamas port, walk to your right, and you’ll see a taxi rank. A bit further to your right is the main bus terminal of Milos.

Opposite Milos port, you’ll find many takeaways, including some of the best Gyros on the island and plenty of places to sit and wait for a ferry.

Where is the port of Milos, Greece?

Milos port is located in the town of Adamas on the southern bay of Milos island. Adamas is the islands’ tourist hub and home to the main bus station and taxi ranks.

Milos Greece Airport

Milos National Island Airport is located 5km from the port town of Adamas on the South East coast. Flying to Milos is one of the best ways to reach the island from Athens.

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Can you fly direct to Milos?

Milos Airport only serves flights from Athens, so you can only fly direct from Athens to Milos. From Athens, you can catch connecting flights all over the world.

What airport is in Milos, Greece?

There is just one airport in Milos – Milos Island National Airport, which flies only to Athens. From Athens, you can catch connecting flights all over the world.

How to Get Around Milos

Milos island is well connected via many modes of transport. To find the best way to get around for your trip, take a look at our guide below:

Buses in Milos

Using the bus network is a cheap and easy way to see the island. Buses in Milos are very reliable, but they only run frequently during peak season. The buses depart from nearby Adamas Port and travel around the Southern Beaches to Sarakiniko, Appolonia and Chora.

Bus tickets are purchased when getting off the bus at your destination. The buses are modern and air-conditioned. Tickets are cheap.

Taxi Milos

There are many taxis in Milos. Most are based in the Adamantas area. Be prepared to pay tourist prices that are highly inflated. Make sure you agree on a fare with the driver before you go! Pick up from the port on top of the taxi fare can also be very expensive.

I would only recommend taxis if you have a considerable amount of luggage or stay somewhere without good bus connections. Appolonia is also with travelling to by taxi if the buses are infrequent. A pickup from the post and taxi to Apolonia should cost around 25 euro.

Private Transfers in Milos

Many private transfer companies are operating in Milos, Greece. To find the best transfer deals for your dates, check out Get Transfer. Expect to pay a similar fare to that of a taxi.

Organised Tours in Milos

If you want to see the island. Organised tours are the very best ways to see Milos. There are inland tours such as this historical tour, but the best way to see Milos is by boat. Many boat tours leave from Adamas that go all the way around the island to the key sites. Some even go to the neighbouring island of Kimolos. You can view the best tours around Milos here.

How to Get to Milos from the UK

There are many options when it comes to travelling to Milos from the UK. The best way to reach Milos from the UK is to fly directly from the UK to Greece. Airports closest to Milos include:

  • Mykonos Internaitonal Airport
  • Santorini International Airport
  • Athens International Airport

From Mykonos or Santorini, you can board a ferry to Milos. You can either catch a ferry to Milos or fly to Milos National Airport from Athens.

London to Milos

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If you’re looking for the best way to travel from London to Milos, there are many options. All 4 London Airports have flights to islands nearby to Milos. The following islands nearby Milos have flights from London:

Mykonos (Gatwick/Heathrow/Luton)

Santorini (Gatwick/Heathrow)

Athens: (Gatwick/Heathrow/Luton)

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