EXACTLY How to Get from Athens to Milos in 2024

re you planning a journey from Athens to Milos? Not sure what’s the best way to get there? This guide will go through all the options available when travelling from Athens to Milos.

Milos is one of the most well-known islands in the Cyclades, and it has world-famous rock formations, stunning beaches, and a holiday atmosphere.

To find out how to get to Milos from other destinations, make sure you read our ‘How to Get to Milos‘ Post

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Athens to Milos Map

The distance between Athens and Milos is 159km.

How to Get from Athens to Milos

There are many options when travelling from Athens to Milos. Here are the main choices:

  • A flight from Athens International Airport to Milos
  • A fast ferry from Piraeus Port to Milos
  • A slow ferry from Piraeus port to Milos
  • Slow Ferry from Lavrio Port to Milos
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Flying from Athens to Milos

Sky Express and Aegean Airlines operate flights from Athens International Airport to Milos. If you’re flying into Athens Airport, flying may be quicker. The flight from Athens to Milos takes just 30-35 minutes.

Book in advance to get the latest deals. You can view prices and availability on WayAway here.

How to Get from Milos Airport to Adamas (Milos Port)

The easiest way to reach Adamantas (the port of Milos) is by taxi. A taxi can be as quick as 5 minutes, but taxis in Milos can be very costly.

KTEL also runs a local bus that takes 15 minutes from Milos Airport to Adamantas. Depending on the season, buses run every hour.

Ferry from Athens to Milos – Travelling from Piraeus Port to Milos

The most popular way to travel from Athens to Milos is by ferry. Piraeus Port, Greece’s largest and busiest port, is the main gateway to Milos from Athens.

Several ferry companies operate routes from Piraeus to Milos, offering a range of services from standard ferries to high-speed vessels.

The duration of your journey can vary significantly from 3 hours and 20 minutes to 7 hours and 40 minutes, depending on the type of ferry you choose. The duration depends on how fast the ferry sails and what other island stops are made along the way.

Here are the Milos ferry companies that operate ferries from Piraeus to Milos:

  • Aegean Sea Lines – 7 hours, 40 minutes (early morning ferry) – 1 per day
  • SeaJets – 3 hours, 25 minutes – early morning ferries – 2 per day
  • DIONISIOS SOLOMUS – 6 hours, 10 minutes – mid-afternoon ferry – some days
  • Minoan Lines – 4 hours – evening/night ferry – some days

Tickets for the ferry can be purchased online, at travel agencies, or directly at the port. To ensure availability, booking in advance is highly recommended, especially during the peak summer months.

Before You Depart

Arriving at Piraeus Port ahead of your departure is advisable. The port can be particularly crowded during the summer, and finding parking or navigating through the terminal can take longer than expected. Here are a few tips for a smooth departure:

  • Check the specific gate number and pier for your ferry, as Piraeus Port is large and can be confusing.
  • Arrive at least an hour early for domestic departures to allow for any last-minute changes or delays.

View ferry timetables for your dates below:

How to get to Piraeus Port

Ferries to Milos leave from Piraeus Port, a short drive from the city centre of Athens. There are the best ways to reach Piraeus port for your journey to Milos.

MRT to Piraeus Port: From the centre of Athens, simply catch the metro to Piraeus station. There’s then a free shuttle bus connecting to the different port gates. This takes 30 minutes from the centre of Athens and 1 hour and 20 minutes from the airport.

Private Transfer or Taxi to Piraeus: A taxi from Athens city centre to Piraeus port should cost around €20. Expect to pay around €50 from Athens Airport for the 45-minute journey. You can also book a private transfer in advance with Get Transfer for a similar price. View and book transfers here.

Walking to Piraeus Port: If you’re already staying in Piraeus Port, it’s so useful to be able to walk to your ferry departure. There’s also a free shuttle bus connecting the different gates, which runs every 20 minutes from Piraeus metro station. View places to stay near Piraeus port here.

View ferry times for your dates below:

Travelling to Milos by Boat from Lavrio Port, Athens

There are rarely ferries running from Lavrio to Milos. The Blue Star ARTEMIS runs on some days in high season to Milos with a journey time of 15 hours, 20 minutes.

Flights from Athens to Milos

Milos has a small airport that serves national flights to Athens. The flight duration from Athens to Milos is around 45 minutes and flights run several times each week depending on the season. More flights run during peak season in the summer months.

How to Get from Milos Airport to Adamantas

The easiest way to reach Adamantas (the port of Milos) is by taxi. A taxi can be as quick as 5 minutes but taxis in Milos can be very costly. There is also a local bus run by KTEL which takes 15 minutes from Milos Airport to Adamantas. Buses run up to every hour depending on the season.

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Arriving at Adamas Port, Milos

Arriving in Milos, you are immediately greeted by the charming port town of Adamas, one of the main entry points to the island and the main hub of activity on the island. The port is lined with whitewashed buildings and cafés.

Adamas offers a variety of dining options, from traditional tavernas serving fresh seafood to more modern cafes and restaurants offering a mix of international and Greek cuisine. As for shopping, the streets near the port feature upmarket shops selling everything from daily necessities to souvenirs, artisanal products, and local crafts.

Adamas is fairly compact and can be easily explored on foot. The port area is well-organized, with clear signage and maps available to guide new arrivals. Car rental agencies, scooter rentals, and local bus information can be found directly at the port, making it easy to arrange your onward travel around the island.

Getting to Other Destinations on the Island

For those looking to explore beyond Adamas, Milos offers several options:

  • Buses: The local bus service in Milos is efficient and covers most major attractions and beaches. The central bus station in Adamas offers routes to various parts of the island, including Plaka, Pollonia, and the stunning Sarakiniko Beach. Timetables are generally aligned with ferry arrivals and are adjusted seasonally.View the latest timetables here.
  • Car and Scooter Rentals: Renting a car or a scooter allows you to explore Milos at your own pace. Rental agencies are located around the port, and booking in advance during peak season is advisable.
  • Taxis and Private Transfers: Taxis are readily available at the port for immediate travel or those preferring not to drive. Many hotels also offer transfer services, which can be arranged prior to your arrival. View transfer options here.

Book Ferry Tickets Here

Use the search box below to find the correct Milos ferry schedule for your chosen dates and times:

What is the Cheapest Way to Travel from Athens to Milos?

The cheapest way to travel is by ferry, and the longer ferry routes are often cheaper. The cheapest routes often run late at night or at off-peak times of day. The cheapest option is with Aegean Sea Lines (6 hours, 10 minutes) for €48.

There’s also a Blue Star Route with a 15-hour ferry route that runs from Lavrio port at 7:30 on some days (€20). Although this route is VERY long, you’ll see lots of other islands along the way!

How Long is the Ferry Ride from Athens to Milos?

Milos ferries from Athens vary in duration from 3 hours, 35 minutes with SeaJets to 7 hours, 40 minutes with the Aegean Sea Lines ferry service. The average ferry takes 4 hours to reach Milos island.

Why are Milos Ferries so expensive?

Milos is one of the Cyclades’ most popular islands, making the Athens to Milos ferry route more expensive. This has also happened with ferry journies stopping at other famous islands like Mykonos and Santorini. For a cheaper option, you will need to opt for a longer ferry or travel at an odd time, such as by overnight ferry.

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